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Bookland is the perfect theme for any online store selling books or e-books. This minimalist theme will transport your shoppers into the pages of a book, using a beige background instead of the usual white space, being reminiscent of parchment and ink’s authentic feel. Lying atop the welcoming beige are shades of brown and navy blue throughout the site, highlight important elements like headings and CTA buttons. Right at the top, customers can navigate your store in several ways: a clear search bar for exact searches or a category navigation bar that utilizes convenient drop-down menus for sub-categories. Aside from navigation, the large home page banner is the perfect opportunity to showcase new books you have in stock or special deals you’re currently running. Directly below this image, you can display to customers your featured products, which automatically scrolls through your choice of books. Bookland is a warm, inviting website theme that guides your customers through story of your business.
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