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Create and Craft
Create and Craft

Art Supply Website Template

Create and Craft

A clean, foundational theme perfect for any store

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About this theme
Create and Craft is a warm, inviting theme that’s designed with creativity in mind. The perfect theme for any store selling craft supplies, Create and Craft expresses itself with fun colors like apricot orange, dandelion yellow, grape purple, and peach. Right at the top of the theme is a large search bar, helping customers to find the exact product they have in mind when shopping on your store. For more general browsing, customers can also use the dropdown navigation menu, which stands out from the rest of the theme with its serif font and purple background. Create and Craft’s homepage carousel stretches to each side of the page, giving you ample space to showcase current promotions or new products. Certain elements of this theme, such as customer accounts and carts or featured products, are highlighted by a pale yellow to make them subtly pop off of the theme’s white background. To catch customer’s eyes, add to cart buttons have bold red borders, making them easy to see and click on. At the bottom of the theme, social media buttons will give visitors a chance to engage with your business on other digital spaces. While this theme is based on an artistic subject, any business can use Create and Craft to sell their products online.
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