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Spring Birds
Spring Birds

Wedding Supplies Website Template

Spring Birds


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About this theme
Spring Birds is an eCommerce website theme that’s perfect for any business that helps make weddings happen. From dress boutiques to wedding cake bakeries, this theme exudes a feeling of timeless luxury. Powder blue and rose gold accent this theme’s expansive use of white space, framing a canvas for the painting that is your online store. On the functional side of things, Spring Birds comes with all of the necessary functionality an online store needs. At the very top, customers can easily browse your site either through categories or with the search bar. Directly below is a large carousel banner that greets visitors with anything you’d like to show them – whether that’s wedding photos or new sales. As they browse further, they’ll see an animated product slideshow that can showcase new or featured products in a dynamic way. Spring Birds is a classic, minimalist online store theme that’s ready to make your business the flawless first step in a couple’s path to matrimony.
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