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A strongly visual theme for online firearms stores



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Many firearms enthusiasts spend a lot of their time in the great outdoors, whether for a hunting trip, survival exercises, or camping with their trusty rifle at their side. Tactical is the perfect theme for bringing this atmosphere to your online store. The front page is dominated by a huge carousel banner that’s fantastic for showcasing your products with lifestyle photos that visitors will picture themselves in immediately. The transparent menu allows even more of the photo to be displayed and adds a slick, modern appeal that proves your brand can keep up with the times. When the visitor scrolls down, they’ll be met with a selection of your Featured Products to get them into the action right away. And, while the full-page banner is perfect for lifestyle photos in “wide-open spaces,” it’s equally great for product closeups, indoor range photos, or other large images for a variety of online firearms stores focusing on any niche of customer.
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