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Move Shoes
Move Shoes

Shoes Ecommerce Website Free Template

Move Shoes

A dark, sporty theme perfect for a variety of industries

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About this theme
Move Shoes is a Shift4Shoptheme in grey and turquoise, an enticing color combination that brings a modern feel to mind. Large banners, featured products, and introductory text all have a central place in the layout, making it easy to draw the customer's eye where you want it to go. Navigation is easy with the dropdown menu and customers will never have problems finding what they need. Plus, this theme is fully responsive, meaning it adjusts to work on all mobile devices so customers can shop from anywhere. SEO-friendliness is also built into the code, also ensuring lightning-quick page load speeds so you never keep your customers waiting. Move Shoes is perfect for footwear and sportswear, but will work great with any online store with products or branding that benefit from the subdued tones, like technology, music, and more.

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Theme Features

Home Page Banners

Large banners on your home page are a great way to display detailed product photos, current promotions, and other images in a compelling way that attracts shoppers.

Dropdown Menu

A dropdown menu organizes your categories, subcategories, and other pages in a neat menu at the top of the screen. Menu items open up to display subcategories and child pages.

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