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Boggess is an eCommerce website theme that helps tell the story of your business through effective design and function. Rather than sitting at the top of your site, categories and a search bar stand to the left side – acting as a spine for the book that is your online store. As soon as visitors land on your site, they’re greeted with a huge home page banner that’s the perfect location for anything visually engaging. As customers scroll down, your featured products and new arrivals flip across the screen like pages of your favorite novel. But, don’t be mistaken – Boggess isn’t all about parchment and ink. This theme adds fun pops of color, using shades of pink and blue on top of a clean white surface, to contribute to your brand’s visual storytelling. Boggess is a unique, minimalist website template that’s sure to make your site a permanent bookmark in your customer’s library of favorite stores.
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