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Cigar Venue
Cigar Venue

Free Tobacco Website Template

Cigar Venue

Straightforward, classic design that customers love

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About this theme
Cigar Venue is a fully mobile-responsive Shift4Shoptheme that brings classic design onto any device. The top carousel is a central place to display banners relating to your new releases, special promotions, top sellers, and more, and additional banner space down below further increases the versatility of this theme. Featured products are given a showcase right on your home page to help customers start their shopping journey. Whitespace and black text is set off by subtle brown elements that help bring the feel of a cigar shop to your website, but Cigar Venue can be used successfully for quite a few industries! Plus, it's coded to be optimized for SEO and the site structure ensures a fast loading speed for your customers, no matter what device they use: desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The page layout responds to each device and changes proportion to look and work best on any screen.

Want to make some deep customizations to Cigar Venue to bring it fully in line with your branding? Contact us to find out how we can help!
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Home Page Banners

Large banners on your home page are a great way to display detailed product photos, current promotions, and other images in a compelling way that attracts shoppers.

Product Animations

Product animations make shopping more interesting by having products flip, fade, or slide into your pages from different angles, providing an attractive experience.

Dropdown Menu

A dropdown menu organizes your categories, subcategories, and other pages in a neat menu at the top of the screen. Menu items open up to display subcategories and child pages.

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