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Iconoclast is an eCommerce theme that exudes a calming atmosphere. Using a serene color palette of varying shades of pale blue, accenting the theme’s clean white space, Iconoclast is the perfect home for a modern brand. Both serif and sans serif fonts give this theme life, striking the perfect balance between minimalism and tradition. Right from the get-go, site visitors are greeted with clear navigation and a convenient search bar to help them find what they need on your store. Directly below, a large carousel image awaits – perhaps for some lively images of your products or happy customers. As visitors scroll, they’ll be presented with a prominent Featured Products section that shows off what you have to offer. The large product photos on this page will give life to your greenery. With Iconoclast, everything is cohesive – even the star ratings for each product fit in with the overall color palette. Upon reaching the bottom of the page, customers who are interested in your brand can easily sign up for your newsletter. Iconoclast is a modest, refreshing theme that’s sure to make your customers feel comfortable as they browse your virtual garden.
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