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Packing Supply Website Template


A modern and clean template perfect for packing supply stores

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About this theme
Tapestry is a bold and minimalist theme that makes a real statement to any customer who navigates to your site. By using strong eye-catching color blocks of carnation pink and sea foam green, broken up by a wide block of white, customers won’t be able to look away from this theme that resembles a modern art installation. Tapestry comes with a large transparent product photo at the top of the page, staying static and falling behind the rest of the site’s design as you scroll down. This creates a 3-dimensional layered effect, giving the eyes some visual interest to keep them scrolling. The minimalist navigation bar also moves with the customer as they scroll, maintaining easy access to the major product categories of your site. Visually striking images don’t stop there, as customers will then be presented with a geometric grid presenting new arrivals in differently sized blocks, all of which have an animated zoom once your cursor hovers over them. Even further down, customers will be met with a clean selection of featured products and best sellers, accented with a strong blue. Tapestry is a unique theme that’s sure to keep any customer’s interest and make them excited to dig deeper and look into your product selection.

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Theme Features

Sticky Menu

A sticky menu remains visible at the top of the page when the visitor scrolls, ensuring convenient navigation through constant, quick access to all product categories.

Home Page Banners

Large banners on your home page are a great way to display detailed product photos, current promotions, and other images in a compelling way that attracts shoppers.

Product Animations

Product animations make shopping more interesting by having products flip, fade, or slide into your pages from different angles, providing an attractive experience.

Dropdown Menu

A dropdown menu organizes your categories, subcategories, and other pages in a neat menu at the top of the screen. Menu items open up to display subcategories and child pages.

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