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Super Soft
Super Soft

A friendly, comforting theme for diapers and other baby supplies

Super Soft


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About this theme
It's important for any eCommerce store's design to match the type of products being sold. That's why we built Super Soft, a fresh, clean, and comforting theme for baby products. Whether you're selling everything babies need or focusing on diapers and related supplies like diaper bags, Super Soft's gentle white and blue colors are perfect! The top menu is easy to navigate, making it simple for parents to find what they're looking for, and the front page can grab attention in several ways. The large hero banner can be used as a rotating carousel to notify shoppers about promotions, new releases, and anything else desired. There's also plenty of room for featured items, new products, and bestsellers that can be seen right away. This theme is fully customizable as well, so you can adapt it to your own brand or industry with ease.
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